Rules & Constitution

These club rules have been laid out by the Ashby Angling Club Committee.

Any infringement of the rules, or similar misdemeanours/acts of negligence that would endanger any agreements entered into by the club -or the well-being of another person / member- will carry the penalty of immediate expulsion.

PS – please check venue specific rules, which (if in place) will be present at the entrance and/or notice board of the venue.


  1. The club shall be called ‘Ashby Angling Club’ and the general headquarters shall be the ‘Ivanhoe Social Club’, Ashby.
  2. The club shall consist of honorary members and ordinary members, the number of ordinary and honorary members shall be limited to such a figure as the Committee of the Club may determine.
  3. The Club may – in the Annual General Meeting- elect honorary members, and honorary members will pay no entrance fee or subscription.
  4. The management of the Club shall be deputed to a Committee of not more than nine members, who will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. In addition there may be a President, Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Match Secretary, Head of maintenance, Treasurer, and Head Baliff, and these will be ex-officio members of the committee.
  5. Two members of the Committee are to retire each year unless no new committee members come forward.
  6. In the event of a vacancy arising on the Committee, the Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.
  7. The ex-officio (“officers”) of the committee/club shall preside at all meetings of the club.
  8. The treasurer shall deposit all club income into the HSBC bank account named “Ashby Angling Club”.
  9. The Treasurer shall keep the books of the Club.
  10. It is the responsibility of any member seeking election or re-election to the Club Committee to attend the A.G.M. and -if unable to attend-, a letter of intent should be received by the secretary fourteen days prior to the A.G.M.
  11. Any proposal that requires a change of the rules must be made in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the A.G.M.
  12. Maximum number of members will be decided at the discretion of the Committee.
  13. The committee has the power to reject any application for membership, also to expel any member / committee member for conduct prejudicial to the club’s interest.
  14. The club shall not dissolve so long as seven members are willing to continue it.
  15. Any money or property that arises for distribution following closure, dissolution or sale of the club shall be applied to approved sporting or charitable purposes, i.e. transferred to a registered charity or the sports governing body.
  16. No major asset of Ashby Angling Club shall be sold, without prior consultation/discussion with the membership at the AGM.
  17. All equipment purchased by the club will be defined as an asset and will be the responsibility of the committee to track/manage accordingly
  18. All committee members shall be indemnified by the club against risk or expense incurred by them.
  19. There is no closed season on AAC waters, however waters may be closed or areas “roped off” when larger fish are seen to be spawning by bailiffs, a notice to this effect will be posted at the venue and will also be on the AAC Facebook page. Please, don’t target spawning fish.
  20. Venues may be closed for work parties and AAC matches. You must vacate the water at least 1 hours before the match draw (2 hrs before the match start). Match dates and start times are published annually at the back of the membership book and/or also listed on the club Facebook page, as are the work party dates. Match anglers pay a “peg fee” (pre-determined by the match Secretary/committee at the start of each season) – this “books” the exclusivity of the venue for the duration of the match.
  21. Please dry your nets, unhooking mats and other equipment out thoroughly before fishing to reduce the risk of introducing disease/parasites etc to our waters. *KEEPNETS ARE NOW ONLY ALLOWED IN OFFICIAL AAC MATCHES but are permitted for pleasure sessions on Goss Water (Sence Valley) as well as our stretch of the Ashby Canal.
  22. Unhooking mats are a must when targeting Carp, Pike and specimen fish. No unhooking *any* fish on grass, pegs, or other surfaces that can damage the fish. No sacking/slinging or retaining fish unless in an official AAC match.
  23. The only braid permitted on AAC waters is coated braid unless predator fishing (ie; Spinning for Pike) in the winter months.
  24. No “fixed” feeders or leads (drop-off rigs only please). This is to reduce the tethering of fish should a rig/line break. If any rigs or line become broken or tethered whilst fishing, please report it to a Bailiff or committee member using the contact numbers in the front of the book.
  25. Barbless hooks are recommended.
  26. All members will avoid damage to property, will shut all gates behind them, leave no litter, or interfere with sluices/overflow pipes etc.
  27. All members will report any person found poaching or trespassing on club waters to either the venue Baliff or the head Baliff ASAP (contact details on Ashby AC website).
  28. No dogs allowed on “private” waters (EG; Wiggs, Spring Wood etc). When fishing our “Public Facing” waters (Goss, Hermitage, Bagworth Heath, Canal) well behaved and under-control dogs are allowed. No radios or loud music allowed.
  29. No lighting of fires. No BBQs. Any cooking is to be done on purpose-made gas stoves which are to be raised off the ground.
  30. No member shall remove or introduce any fish into club waters, without written authority from the Committee. Strictly “catch and release” on all waters, for all species.
  31. Where surface fishing (eg floating bread, dog biscuits etc) is allowed it is important that the session of any anglers around you isn’t interrupted or spoilt by anyone using this tactic. Surface fishing is prohibited at Bagworth Heath, Hermitage, and Wiggs Big Pond.
  32. Feeder/carp rods can be cast to a far bank but -upon arrival of another angler, please retrieve feeders/rigs etc so they are no longer in the swim of said angler.
  33. No day/guest tickets. Fishing is strictly named ticket holders only.
  34. Night fishing, and also ANY fishing on the Big Pond at Wiggs, is prohibited unless in possession of an upgraded “Premium Ticket” (aka “Carp ticket”) .
  35. Carp ticket holders – When night fishing, please let us know when/where via the Facebook “carp ticket holders” group.
  36. Standard “day” ticket members may fish from dawn until dusk, with the exception of Church View which has access/vehicle restrictions in place (see page in book).
  37. No Bloodworm or Joker. No Tiger Nuts. No “pigeon conditioner” or similar seed/particle/ wheat baits are allowed. Hemp is permitted but please prepare it properly (or buy it pre-done).
  38. Any litter left at a peg before or after fishing is the responsibility of the person fishing at that peg, subsequently it is the responsibility of that person to take said litter away.
  39. The holder of this membership card has the authority -and is expected- to question the rights of any person fishing in club waters.

*Club Waters are used by members with the distinct understanding that they have no claim on the Club whatsoever.

*Members fish at their own risk on Club Waters. The club accepts no responsibility for vehicles/property whilst left on AAC premises/waters.

*Any member witnessing a breach of the rules to report to a Baliff ASAP – contact telephone numbers are at the front of this book.