Match Rules

Rules for all matches fished on 
Ashby Angling Club Waters

We encourage all Ashby members to get involved with some of the matches! They are good fun, you learn a lot, and aren’t overly competitive.

Pools are £10 with an additional £2 “peg fee” going towards maintenance, re-stocking etc. (£12 all in).

1. All nets will be laid on the bank (exposed to the sunlight) for as long as possible before each match. Nets may only be placed in the water 10 minutes before the start of the match at the permission of the match steward.

2. Carp and silvers are to be kept in separate keepnets. Crucian carp to go in silvers nets please.

3. There is a 50lb limit on all keepnets used in matches. Any nets exceeding the 50lb limit will have the excess discounted and be weighed in at only 50lb. Any net weighing more than 60lb will be discounted entirely and that net weighed in at 0lb.

4. No carp above 12lb are to be put into a keepnet. Fish close or over this total will be weighed by taking it to the nearest match steward and returning it immediately. Any fish found to be over 12lb in a keepnet won’t be counted.

5. Floating bait in matches is banned. If a floating bait of any sort drifts into the peg of another angler during a match the culprit may be disqualified.

6. Anglers are allowed to rake snags/weed out of their swim before the start of the match if they wish to do so. No raking of swims once the match has started.

7. No “rolling” fish down keepnets please during weigh-in as it’s harmful to the fish.

8. No feed of any type is to be introduced to the water before the “all in”.

9. If leaving a match early, don’t throw excess or left over bait in the water please. It’s disrespectful to those who are still fishing.